After seeing a photo of a bridesmaid in a tutu at my friends wedding, I just HAD to show you all how easy it is to make one at home! Tutu’s are a perfect addition to any flower girl or bridesmaid outfit.

You will need:

Crochet Hair Bands:

4m of Tulle (in a colour of your choice)
There are various suppliers online or most fabric shops or market stalls stock a lot of tulle fabric colours:

Fabric scissors:

Cardboard (just a piece of a cardboard box is fine… cut to the length of skirt you require (I have used 21cm x 17cm for aged 2-5 years)

if they are older / taller you will need to make the cardboard longer to suit the length of the skirt. You can judge this by holding the cardboard against the child to see how long you would like it to be.


(or circular tube / object to stretch crochet hairband over)


Step 1:

Take your piece of cardboard and use it to mark the width of the fabric required. Cut into strips along the full length of fabric.

Wrap the fabric around the cardboard.

Cut the bottom of the cardboard so that you get multiple strips to double the length (17cm x 42cm).

Continue until you have approx. 40 lengths… you can cut more later if you need to.

Step 2:

Stretch your crochet hair band around the mannequin, or circular tube.

Step 3:

Tie the fabric onto the hairband, one at a time. Fold the fabric in half, post the folded end through the hairband, open loop and push ends through to knot it in place.

Step 4:

Repeat until you have completed all of the bottom layer.

Step 5:

Now continue with the layer above. Repeat until all are tied.

… And you are finished!

Styled with a simple:

Vest top

Matching bow: