Edible flowers are amazing for any occasion but particularly fabulous for Weddings… why would you not want to make everything look as beautiful as you can – from the Wedding Cake to the Cocktails, from the Ice Cubes to the Salads!   It is a sure fire way to ‘wow’ all of your guests with your spectacular attention to detail and it is really not as tricky to achieve as you may have thought – with the help of Maddocks Farms.

The Maddocks Farm website is not only a great go-to place to buy the flowers but also offers help and advice on exactly how to use the edible flowers as well as a really handy month by month guide to exactly which flowers will be in season.  You can loose hours looking at all of the amazing photographs… they almost look too beautiful to eat!

Wedding Cakes

Iced and semi-iced cakes are perfect for showcasing beautiful edible flowers because the flowers naturally adhere to the icing and allow your creativity to come to the fore. The fashion is now more towards soft butter iced cakes than royal icing but edible flower can still be used on the latter to great effect.

Things to consider. Do you want larger flowers for the cake topper and if so what is the diameter of the top tier of your cake? Do you want smaller flower to sit on the shoulders of the tiers where they meet to create a garland? Do you want a waterfall of flowers to come down the front of the cake? Do you want the symmetry of even sized identical flowers  or a natural organic look? Would you like to include some organic edible foliage as well?


Edible flowers look just amazing as garnishes for any cocktail or Champagne.  They are such a simple addition and so effective.

Ice Cubes

Edible flowers are perfect for ice cubes… it is a great upcoming trend and are lovely if you want to make flower ice cubes for champagne buckets, for floral cocktails or for chilled jugs of water.

Flower Salads

Flower salads are just amazing and add such a fabulous decoration to your tables too!

Ice Lollies

I am a huge fan of floral ice lollies… a beautiful and refreshing addition to any wedding. For recipe ideas check out a recent BdF blog post here.