Happy New Year to you all! Among many other things, each New Year brings with it a brand new diary… of which gives me very great pleasure. Many around me think I am totally mad… firstly for getting excited over a diary and secondly for still keeping a paper diary anyhow! However, they all come to me to find out future commitments, Birthdays, anniversaries, meeting times, you name it… and I firmly believe writing things down is still the way to roll.

Which is why one of my top tips to you budding new brides-to-be would be to invest in an awesome new diary for your year of wedding planning… you will have meetings galore to schedule and it will be a pretty addition to your handbag too!

The diary that I have chosen for this year is The Action Day Planner (£17.99)… it is not too big for your handbag and has a great layout for getting things done.fullsizerender11Another in the running was a similar, much bigger, more expensive (but prettier!) version… The Lifestyled Planner (£45).

fullsizerender12The next in your trolley should be a ‘Wedding Planner’… a video of my ‘Top Five’ will be featured on the Bride de Force channel shortly!