Directed by: White Balloon Films

Location: Mykonos, Greece

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Tell us about the wedding day

London-based Rachel and Robbi decided on a destination wedding in Mykonos not only for the obvious benefits of blue skies, sunshine and sea views, but also to tie in with Robbi’s Greek heritage. With friends and family travelling from all over the world to join the celebrations, combined with the perfect weather and easy-going holiday vibe, there was always a sense of calm and fun about Rachel and Robbi’s day. For sure, the planning was thorough meaning that on the day itself, all the suppliers pulled together as a team, leaving the couple to enjoy the build up, the ceremony and of course the reception and party.

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What was your process like working with the couple leading up to the big day?

At White Balloon Films we find Skype/Facetime consultations invaluable for communicating with couples prior to their wedding.  As an experienced filmmaking team, we find that once the practicalities of filming the day have been established, e.g. timetable, who is doing a speech etc., couples are happy to leave us to create their cinematic wedding film.  On one hand we have built our reputation based on the consistency of our high production value films however couples know that each film we create is a unique, handcrafted piece of work. 

How involved were the couple in the video?

Although couples trust us to ‘do our thing’, the more information we have fro the couple in advance of the day, the better.  For example, in the case of this wedding, Robbi’s helicopter arrival was secret that we were told about in advance, as was the actual location for the ceremony!  Busses took guests and family from the couple’s villa to a secret hillside location (Castle Panigirakis) for the ceremony.  Of course, as their wedding videographers, we needed to know about this in advance! 

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What’s important to you to make sure you capture the feeling of the day?

There is a technical and creative element to creating a White Balloon Film and we strive to excel in both of those when it comes to creating a wedding film.  In terms of capturing the feel of a day, we take our inspiration from Hollywood, opening films with cinematic, dramatic establishing shots often using our licensed and legal drone capability.  We want our films to tell a story.  The lens choices we make matter when it comes to conveying the emotions of the couples and the guests and beyond that, a creative edit is key to pulling all that hard work together.

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How did you become a wedding filmmaker?

After completing a degree in film and animation in London many years ago, we returned to Scotland with a boutique production company called Captain Cornelius (, filming music videos, promotional videos etc.  Taking inspiration from world-class wedding videographers in the US and Asia, we saw the creativity and production value that could be added to a wedding film and so White Balloon Films was born 5 years ago.

What advice would you give someone else wanting to become a wedding filmmaker?

A wedding is an uncontrolled environment so it’s tough to film.  Consider working with a partner, try and keep your gear light and remember that a good video is nothing without good audio so figure out your strategy there because capturing good audio is the hardest part of the job!

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What video kit do you use?

Panasonic GH4s, DJI Phantom 4 drone and many sound recorders!

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A huge thank you to Rachel and Robbi for letting us share their beautiful wedding video.

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