This Real Wedding was filmed by the brilliant Boroda Cinema.

Tell us about the Wedding Day

It was on the 30th of July last year. It was started as usual by dressing the groom and bride and all that stuff in a photo studio, not at their houses. After that, we had the photo shoot through the center of Kiev, then the ceremony and restaurant.

What was your process like working with the couple leading up to the big day?

The couple lives in another city, so before the wedding day itself we spoke through Skype and made sure to plan every detail beforehand!

Talk us through filming this wedding

This wedding was filmed with one camera – my Sony a6300 with a Sigma 18-35mm.

How involved were the couple in the video?

The couple was very sincere yet relaxed. The groom was a little shy so I focussed a bit more on the bride as she was more comfortable in front of the camera.

What’s important to you to make sure you capture the feeling of the day?

I tried to show the moments when you could see their love for each other, as well as looking for all those sensitive and happy moments that happen throughout the day, throughout the guest.

How did you become a wedding filmmaker?

I was always interested in wedding filmography, and after my own wedding I realised that I would like to do this as a job and to capture all these valuable moments for people!

What advice would you give someone else wanting to become a wedding filmmaker?

First of all, it’s practice. But, also, you have to make sure that you enjoy your work!

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