“Unlocking memories through scent allows the mind to drift, be soothed and comforted. Scent  encourages you to reconnect with you emotions and the world around you.”  Jo Whiley


Taking inspiration from the Chelsea Flower Show this week where Jo Whiley created an amazing ‘scent garden’ for the show in collaboration with one of my true favourites, Jo Malone, my thoughts are focused on the art of scenting for your Wedding Day.  The ‘scent garden’ encompassed everything inspired by aromas that transport you to a moment in time or a place that feels familiar.


Aromas regularly transport us to a time or place in our lives and evoke memories. In your experience you must be able to think of something that you have smelled that takes you right back to a childhood memory or place?  Which is exactly why I think it is so key to ‘scent’ your wedding day… after all the day passes so quickly why not have an individual scent to remind you of your big day?   I think it is well worth it.  It is also not as tricky as it sounds and doesn’t have to cost the earth.

How to scent your Wedding

Firstly you need to choose a scent for your wedding day… you can do this simply by shopping around (and doing lots of smelling!) to find something that you love or if you have more time on your hands there are more in-depth scenting consultations that you can do with the larger perfumeries. For Fleur’s wedding we visited the Jo Malone flagship store in Sloane Street and identified her perfect scent, which was such fun.  It is also worth trying to find a scent that is available in different forms – candles, diffusers & a spray so that you can scent different elements easily on your Wedding day.

Once you have your perfect scent identified you then need to decide exactly what you will be scenting.  Think about your printed materials… perhaps start with the save the dates and invitations – a quick spritz of scent before they go into their envelopes.  Then your order of service sheets for your wedding ceremony. And then think of the rooms that you have for your ceremony and reception. Use a mixture of candles, diffusers and room sprays to make it really work well.  You could even do a mini candle as a wedding favour to your guests to take home.

My Top Three Scents

Scenting is obviously a very personal thing, but here are my top three sets of scented products, in three different price brackets.

Budget Scent:

Primark. Sea Salt & Lavender.

Candle £2-£4, Diffuser £1-£3 (depending on size), Room Spray £4 (available in store)

Middle Range Scent:

Branche D’Olive. Cloud.

Candle £25 (190g), Diffuser £25 (100ml), Room Spray £21 (100ml)

High End Scent:

Jo Malone. Pomegranate Noir.

Candle £44 (200g), Diffuser £62 (165ml), Room Spray £44 (175ml)


“Enhancing your guest’s sensory response will enhance moods, lift spirits and improve well being.”  Jo Malone