I’m joined again by the lovely Karen from Floweristry who will be showing us how to create a DIY flower curtain, perfect for that Spring/Summer wedding!

You will need:

1. Fresh flowers and/ or foliage of your choice (these are called the ‘materials’)
2. A pole – cane, tree branch, or curtain pole
3. Reams of ribbon
4. Plastic test tubes
5. Clear / coloured cable ties
6. Glue gun and glue stick
7. A pair of sharp scissors
8. Gloves (optional)
9. A lighter
10. Water
11. Old sports style water bottle

DIY Flower curtain bride de force

Step-by- step – DIY Flower Curtain

1. First, make sure your flowers have had a good drink! Purchase your flowers and foliage at least one day before you make up your flower curtain as you want them to have as much moisture and life in them as possible.

2. You can be creative as you like in your flower or foliage choice; create impact with repetition by using the same flower or piece of foliage. Or if you want to be bright and colourful choose lots of different types of flower and colours. You can also deliver the same effect with the choice of ribbon you use…today we are going colourful!

3. Take your chosen cane, wood branch or pole and ensure it’s nice and clean.

4. Be mindful of the space you want to cover, and cut your ribbon into lengths of your choice using a sharp pair of scissors…seal the end with a naked flame to ensure the material doesn’t fray. You can cut the ribbon all the same length, or different sizes if you want to create a more ‘gypsy’ style look.

5. Take a test tube, and place it on to the ribbon using a cable tie. Make sure you tie it in the middle; this will keep the tube straight when you come to add the water and flowers.

6. If you are looking for a neat look, make sure the bulky clip is on the back of the ribbon, or for a more modern look, place it at the side. You can leave the extra length of tie if you wish, or snip the end off.

7. Repeat this across all of the ribbons…personally I like to put them at random heights to give a more flowing look. If you have the time…and the patience you can place them all at the same height using a tape measure and marking a small dot with a pen as a guide.

8. Once completed, attach each piece of ribbon to your pole by adding a small dot of hot glue. Loop one end over the top, and then pop a glue dot on the reverse of the ribbon and press the pieces together. This will hold the ribbon securely and stop it from moving around. Be careful – the glue will be hot so a good option is to wear a pair of gloves for this for a bit of added protection.

9. Repeat the above, but be mindful to move each ribbon out of the way as you add them – trust me they will get tangled and get you into a bit of a pickle.

10. Your done…now just to add your flowers and foliage!

11. Before you do this, it’s best that you are on site and have hung the pole. You won’t be able to transport the curtain finished as the water and flowers/foliage will fall out and you will have to start again!

12. So…once the pole is hung, fill the tubes with a small amount of water. I like to use a sports cap style bottle as it allows you to have more control adding the water. Don’t worry if you wet the ribbon it will dry out

13. Cut your flowers leaving a short stem on each; making sure you remove any unwanted leaves etc.

14. Pop each of the flowers into the test tubes; single stems up doubles or trebles its up to you

15. Repeat this filling all of the tubes and there you have it; one floral curtain.

16. If you have chosen to mix and match with flowers and foliage, or foliage just follow the same process.

Where to buy:

1. Fresh flowers and foliage of your choice – always purchase them from your local flower wholesaler or florist.

1) The scissors, florist wire, green parafilm can be bought from the following floristry suppliers – http://www.oasishomeandhobby.co.uk or http://www.whittingtons.biz.

2) Flowers should always be bought from your local florist as they will offer a huge range of flowers and foliage, that is fresh.

3) Ribbon can be bought from any haberdashery.

4) Plastic test tubes can be bought from www.amazon.co.uk.

5) Bamboo cane / curtain poles / cable ties can be bought from any garden centre / or DIY store like www.homebase.co.uk.
A HUGE thank you to the wonderful Karen from Floweristry. www.floweristry.wixsite.com/helloflower