DIY Wedding: Make Your Own Veil

This week we’re going to show you just how easy it is to make your own lace wedding veil – plus 3 different ways to wear it! It’s a great way to save some pennies on your big day, not to mention it looks beautiful!

You will need:

1 meter of tulle

3 meters of lace trim

Invisible thread and needle


Measuring tape


Hair comb / Hair pins


Making the Wedding Veil:

1. Fold your 1m length of Tulle in half… and then in half again.

2. Mark 48cm away from the corner and turn the measure as you mark to form a


3. Cut the tulle to the marks

4. Open out into a circle

5. Lay the lace onto the tulle, pinning it as you go.

6. Pattern match the lace at the end. Snip into the flower to shape and secure with a

pin. Cut along the pattern to make sure it looks seamless.

7. Blanket stitch the edge of the lace trim to the tulle. (make sure the needle is in

fronto of the thread as you stich and pull through).

8. Continue stitching until you reach the end of the lace trim.

9. Stitch along the lace at the end to secure it together. Do not sew all of the lace to

the tulle… just the top edge.

Three Looks:

Traditional Drop Veil:

1. Center the veil over your head

2. Take hair pins to secure onto your hair… use a few.

3. For the reception you can pull it back over your face.

Ballet Length, Single tier veil:

1. Place the comb under the lace trim, teeth facing out.

2. Secure the comb with stitching.

3. Place the comb under your styled hair at the back of your head.

Mantilla Veil:

1. Place the comb under the lace trim, teeth facing in.

2. Secure the comb with stitching

3. Place the comb above your styled hair at the back of your head.

Notes/links to buy:


Buy the highest quality netting that you can find. Best to visit a large local



You can source the most amazing vintage lace from good haberdashery / fabric

suppliers. I bought this lace from Ebay: Top-QualityLight- Ivory-Off- White-/182283863046?hash=item2a70f70406:g:a2sAAOSwOyJX4BFk (£4 per meter)

Clear Invisible Thread: the-basics- invisible-thread-200m/p230859331?navAction=jump&_requestid=6537057 (£1)

Needles: (£1.80)

Fabric Scissors: (£14.95)

Measuring tape: the-basics- non-stretch- tape-measure/p230859311?s_mm=truemeasure/p230859311?s_mm=true

Hair comb: (£2.49)