The tradition for brides wearing flowers in their hair, dating back to Ancient Greece and possibly beyond, is back in full force and Florrie & Eve are striving to keep this tradition alive.  Flowers in your hair evokes a magical and hippie chic vibe that I just love.

With fresh flower headpieces lasting just for one day Florrie & Eve decided to create perpetual pieces that would last a lifetime.

Each piece is created by designers Nadia and Penelope, and is unique to you. These beautiful and realistic creations are handmade to order using silk flowers and traditional floristry techniques.

“Many of my brides wear a fresh floral hair piece created just a few hours before the wedding ceremony, and while these provide the ultimate finishing touch to the brides attire there is no way of knowing what the piece will be like until it arrives that morning. The designs created at Florrie & Eve mean each bride can try her accessories a head of the big day, ensuring that the hair and gown can be styled to her exact wishes. Our perpetual pieces benefit from the flexibility of floristry techniques that allow the pieces to be manipulated to fit and their look ensured on the big day and beyond.”  Nadia Di Tullio, Florrie & Eve.

For further information and prices, visit Florie & Eve.