Looking for tasty Wedding favours for your guests? I love these heart shaped treats, both delicious and beautiful – what more could you ask for? For something really special I absolutely adore these hand-painted Rococo Chocolate hearts beautifully presented in an ornate gift box. Priced at £11.95 for the box of 8 or £9.50 for the single love heart.

For something to work alongside your Wedding colour scheme Not On The High Street offer these colourful foil covered chocolate hearts. Priced at £4 for 10 chocolates.

I think my favourite may well be these Italian chocolate ‘Dragees’, delicious pieces of heart shaped chocolate sugar coated in a thin, crisp shell. Just imagine huge glass vases full of these tasty treats. They are also available in black which could give an amazing effect if you are planning a monochrome themed Wedding. Available from Chocolate Buttons and priced at £9.15 for 1000.