I came across ‘Hot Rocks‘ a few months ago at a festival and it literally stopped me in my tracks!  Surrounded by a hungry crowd stood a vintage horse box. Inside was an amazing traditional wood fired pizza oven cooking the most delicious looking Pizzas I had ever seen.  I immediately started taking photographs to send to Fleur De Force with the message “You HAVE to serve this on the evening of your Wedding!” I think it is such an inspired alternative to the much used ‘hog roast’ and the perfect food to soak up the excess alcohol, keep everyone happy and dancing the night away.  It is not only unbelievably delicious (as it is so fresh) but it creates an amazing theatrical experience for your guests too. It is also perfect for your vegetarian guests.

Guests are invited to choose from a menu (chosen in advance by the bride and groom) or they can create their own combination on the spot.  Their pizzas are then made up while they watch and are cooked in just 90 seconds!

The story behind the brand is also an interesting one.  Jack Harrison, a professional chef tired of mass produced food, wanted to get back to elemental cooking with fire and stone so decided to make a difference with artisan food.  Inspired by distant memories of ski holidays in the Dolomites, he remembered not being able to get enough of the delicate thin crust Neapolitan style pizza that was produced from the wood fired mountain ovens. So he built his own wood fired pizza oven and mounted it on a vintage horse trailer.  Trial and error produced a pizza dough that is deliciously crispy, yet melts in the mouth and almost any combination of ingredients tastes so much better than any of the pizza chain offerings. The trailer went to a few events at first and Jack soon found it to become a fascinating centre of attraction. After all, who doesn’t like to stare at a fire?! Hot Rocks are now at the forefront of the street food movement which is gaining momentum in the UK.

Most importantly, Hot Rocks is a family business with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and superb food.  We have now confirmed the booking with Hot Rocks for the Fleur De Force Wedding this year and they have been absolutely fantastic to deal with.  You can even name the pizzas you select for a truely personalised service!

Prices from £9 per person for a 12 inch pizza (or £12 per person including salads). Prices may vary depending on your number of guests. See www.hotrockspizza.co.uk for more details.