My history/training… 

After graduating (BA Hons Graphic Design) I decided to go traveling for a year. I spent time In Bali, Fiji, L.A, New York and Australia. I lived in Sydney for 6 months, working and taking images at Fashion events.  On returning I applied for a photography job at Venture. After 2 years I became the Photographic Director and it was then, having gained that experience that I felt confident enough to go freelance. I set up So Photo, a studio specialising in portraiture and alongside that I began shooting fashion events for Estee Lauder, and MAC Cosmetis. I was fortunate enough to cover the backstage at the BAFTA awards. I then interned at Men’s lifestyle magazine Arena for 6 months where I began shooting the portraits of actors and musicians.  Since then I have worked with many Record labels, Fashion houses and covered many prestigious events.  Last year I lived and interned for Cass Bird over in Brooklyn, New York. Cass is an amazing photographer who shoots for Gap, Converse, Nike and The New York Times.  I currently shoot fashion online for Harvey Nichols. I only select a few weddings to work on each year, as I believe everyone needs to receive a very personal touch – away from the ‘conveyor belt’ approach that some photographers give them.

I was first inspired to become a photographer… during a visit to Bali.  The sounds and smells overwhelmed me. The natives were so warm and welcoming and their children had such joyous expressions on their faces. I had to capture it all.

I am inspired by… Musicians, artists, designers, film, people who enter my life. I love Tom Ford’s creation ‘A single man’.  The imagery in that film was so beautiful.

My favourite photographer is… I love the old pro’s of course, Mario Testino and David Bailey. I also love the work of Terry Richardson and Richard Young.

My best photographs have come from… extreme emotion.  Happiness and nostalgia create great moments to capture. On the other hand I once shot a very powerful image of a young child in a pushchair who was amongst a crowd of protestors on the war in Iraq over in Sydney. The mother of the child had created a handwritten sign on a piece of cardboard that she’d handed to the young child. I can’t remember what it read but the strength lay in the fact that the child wasn’t of an age to read. The image was very powerful.

Every bride should… Remember to breathe and remember to smile. Enjoy the day and worry of nothing. That special day flies by.

Bridal photography packages… Bespoke packages (starting from £700) can be created and quoted accordingly.  My wedding website in being designed as we speak but you can see other examples of my work both here: and