When the photos arrived in my email of Karris’ Wedding in Las Vegas they immediately caught my attention. Although I personally couldn’t have had a more traditional British wedding (complete with a bit of rain!) there is something about Las Vegas that really does catch my eye.  And Karris has an amazing love story to go with it.

As childhood best friends, blossoming into sweethearts, Karris was proposed to on Valentines Day. They planned to get married in Scotland the following year, however 3 months later she discovered they were expecting their first baby. Gorgeous Casey is now 8 months old!  Their plans changed immediately, and deciding to bring forward the wedding, they flew to Vegas a few weeks later and got married in The Chapel of the Flowers.



“I felt like I was in a movie, walking from my hotel suite to the limo in my wedding dress and veil, carrying my bouquet – being a bride in Vegas may be a cliche but it definitely is a lot of fun! We went up to have our photo taken at the Vegas sign after the ceremony and had lots of tourists taking our picture.”

“Going abroad to get married isn’t for everyone, but I had the time of my life in Vegas, and I think it was the right decision for us given the circumstances. Vegas will always be our place now, and I can’t wait to go back to celebrate many anniversaries there.” Karris

Karris’ Top Tips:

1. Have the kind of wedding that’s right for you – not what you think you are ‘supposed’ to have, or what anyone else wants you to have. It’s YOUR big day and should reflect your personalities.

2. Never settle for a wedding dress that you just think might be the one. When you try on The Dress, you’ll know!

3. Invest in a good photographer. These photographs will be your means of cherishing and remembering your day forever, and you want them to be captured as best they possibly can.

Dress by JS Collections from House of Fraser 

Flowers and Photography by The Chapel of the Flowers 

Veil by Karris’s Grandma!