I have been inspired by a wedding that my sister, Fleur, went to last weekend where the bride used scrabble pieces to spell out the guest’s place names.  It is such a quirky idea, and a great ice breaker at the tables when the guests start swapping letters to spell obscenities! Or perhaps that was just their table?! I have tracked them down online and found them available from Etsy where there are even edible scrabble letters available!

I have seen this theme carried on throughout the entire wedding, even to the extent of having the wedding cakes styled with scrabble pieces. Interesting, but I think that is a little too far. Unless as a couple you were united over an Olympic game of scrabble I favour taking the theme down the line of ‘letters and print’, combining a variation of lettering to create a unique and stylish twist.  Here are just a few examples that I have found, but there is so much out there once you start to explore.

Drink Champagne print, available from the contemporary home.

Happily ever after wooden sign, available from the wedding of my dreams.

Letter blocks for favour tags or placement cards, available from the wedding of my dreams.

Vintage style number blocks, available from not on the high street.

Rustic Love is all you need sign, available from the contemporary home 

Antique style letter blocks ‘Mr & Mrs’, available from Home home home.