As I am sure many of you will have found so many times in the past, finding underwear to suit dresses that require strapless and backless underwear is just impossible.  And for your Big Day this is especially important!  Which is why I am sharing Nudwear with you all.

Created by best friends Astrid Montalta and Sammy Ivanko who, when Sammy got engaged, in their search for the perfect wedding dress they too discovered that what you wear underneath your perfect dress on your big day was just as important.  With no luck in their search, these two business savvy ladies decided to take on the High Street and Nüdwear was born.

Nudwear promise ‘no straps, no lines, just curves’ and I have to say… it works! So well that we ordered Nudwear for all of the bridesmaids for Fleur’s Wedding!

Now, they are not the most attractive garments to wear but they really do what they promise, and they are well worth buying for the no worry factor of straps and lines visible on your big day.

Nudwear are offering Bride De Force readers 10% off all purchases, just use the code: ‘bdforce‘ at the checkout.