A Wedding gift list… to have one or not to have one? This is certainly how I felt when I got married, and I have heard the exact same thing be uttered from almost every bride’s lips that I have spoken to since.   I gave in in the end and went down the very boring route of a John Lewis gift list with the overriding view that it was easy for us, easy for our guests and safe.  I did however find it fairly limiting which is why when Fleur and I recently discovered Prezola we were so excited.  Two main areas totally ‘sold’ the Prezola service to us. Firstly; the ability to add ‘any item from any retailer, a honeymoon fund, cash contributions and/or charity donations’ to your list; giving you truly unlimited choice.  And secondly the fact that your guests buy the items directly from the retailers, making it a completely secure service.

Having tested out the Prezola service (only to the point of creating a Wedding List – the Wedding is still to come!) we are still convinced it is the right one. The site actually seems a little limited at first, but don’t let that put you off.  Look at it as a more bespoke service and use your ‘personal shopper’ to add items by just emailing them the lists of products to add.  We did however find it disappointing that you are not allocated one ‘personal shopper’ with a personal email address for the duration, numerous people seem to operate from the ‘personal shopper’ email address and some information can get lost or repeated in the process.  The website is so much more aesthetically pleasing than many of their competitors which gives your guests a much better shopping experience which we thought to be a great benefit.

Items that we have added so far include gifts from lovely websites like Graham and Green, Cox & Cox and The White Company, but it also allows you to ensure your guests get the best value for money for every day items through adding Amazon, Debenhams and Argos.  All you then have to do is choose the delivery option that works best for you… to your guests, to you before the Wedding or have your gifts checked, packed and delivered to you by Prezola after your Wedding for a fee of £39.