With Fleur de Force having no less than SEVEN(!) Bridesmaids I have been looking for personalised hangers for a while… anything to make the morning of her Wedding a breeze (without an ounce of stress!) so organising all of the Bridesmaid’s dresses so that there is no confusion is a great start. As well as being a fantastic opportunity for a great photograph!

So when I came across Twisted Hangers I was hooked! I love the detail that designer Leah puts into every single hand crafted hanger.  You can choose each element; the hanger (white, ivory, maple, cherry, walnut or black) the wire colour (personalised to say anything you like) and then chose any flower type or colour, or any embellishment.  There is also the option to let Leah’s imagination run wild and create something especially for you.

The hangers range from $25-$40USD each and take 2-5 days to be made and shipped. Take a peek at the Twisted Hangers website for more details.