Directed by: Alessandro Bordoni Films

Location: La Foce, Tuscany

Bride de force real wedding video

Tell us about the wedding day

The morning started off cloudy and breezy but as Louise and Robin were getting ready and the venue set up the sky opened to give away a beautiful sunshine.

Louise and Robin were both very emotional at the ceremony, their love was so tangible. Their wedding party was composed by the closest friends and family who flew from literally all around the world and that made the whole day extremely intimate and special.

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What was your process like working with the couple leading up to the big day?

It was exciting since the first instance!

Alice of “Italian Style Weddings” introduced us, she’s a talented planner who has become a great friend.

Sole, my partner in crime and I, had a Skype call with Louise and Robin a few months before the wedding. I think it is very important to get to know a couple, their story, their vision of the wedding day and what was most important for them, to have a better understanding of how they are and a more relaxed relationship on the wedding day.


Talk us through filming this wedding

Robin and Louise were looking for the perfect location and they found La Foce in Tuscany, which is absolutely one of my favourite venues in Italy. I couldn’t be happier.

I love the Tuscan countryside, the tranquility, the peacefulness, the vast open spaces and the stunning gardens of La Foce, it was the perfect background for a wedding film.

My films are spontaneous, candid, elegant, based on the real emotions of what is such an unique day for couples, rather than on staged and posed moments which are less natural and less intimate.

At sunset we managed to squeeze in a short session by the steps which lead to the top of La Foce and that gave us the chance to shoot some great images.

Overall the atmosphere was relaxed and lovely, a great environment to work within.

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How involved were the couple in the video?

They were always very excited. They wished to have some aerial footage of La Foce amazing garden with them gathered with families and friends together which we did. They had a lot of fun and so did we.

During the couple solo session everything was gorgeous. I always tell my couples they need to be themselves, as if I wasn’t there, and not to worry about being photogenic. I film reality and if couples are sincere and in love, that will be so clear and they will be beautiful in the film.Well..nothing could be easier.

bride de force real wedding video tuscany

What’s important to you to make sure you capture the feeling of the day?

When we work we are always discreet and extremely respectful. I never interfere with the couples, instructing them on how to move or to pose, the only suggestions I give are in order to catch the best light or background, everything else has to come natural to them.

It is also very important for me to understand the couple’s vision of the day and expectations, and thanks to our experience we always manage to capture the reality of the moments and feelings, without being intrusive.


How did you become a wedding filmmaker?

I started 5 years ago when I met Sole. I was already a filmmaker but had no experience in filming weddings.

The first time I filmed a wedding I was an an assistant and I fell in love with the whole experience. Shortly after we started our own business.

We are very lucky to be a couple in life and a great team together, we feel blessed every time we are involved in a couple’s most important day.

A wedding is so much more than an event. It’s a story that marks the birth of a new family and the beginning of a legacy. Our passion is in caring for that story.

Our greatest calling as filmmakers and as storytellers is in beautifully capturing  the emotions that make this story unique.

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What advice would you give someone else wanting to become a wedding filmmaker?

Many filmmakers thinks that is all about the technic, in the tricks to take better shoots, in the use of the best camera, lenses or gear.

All of these are obviously important but I think that it is essential to find a deep connection between your sensibility to capture these moments and the actual result.

Find passion in people, find love, find that feeling of belonging, find stories and fall in love with them all the time.

The reason why I am explaining this is because you must be chosen first for the person you are and secondary for the filmmaker you have become.

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What video kit do you use?

Nowadays if you work with Sony or Canon you’re in good hands. I prefer Canon and I work with EOS cinema cameras C100mk2, Manfrotto supports, Sennheiser/Rode audio, Freefly Movi M5/Glidecam HD4000 but the market changes every month and gears too, therefore don’t chase after it.

bride de force tuscany real wedding video

Where can people find you?



Instgram: alessandro.bordoni



A huge thank you to Louise and Robin for letting us share their beautiful wedding video.

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