When I was asked to write a blog post on ‘Wedding table plan ideas’ my first thoughts were to how I would make one myself. My ‘thing’ of the moment is to write on over sized mirrors. I think you can (really easily) create a great dramatic effect and also help to add light and space to your room.

Calligraphy Companies (such as http://www.calligraphycompany.com/calligraphy-for-table-plans) offer a service to do this for you. But it is fairly simple to do yourself… with a bit of practice!

If you are looking for a more ‘traditional’ table plan I love the designs below. You can order all of these online but again, I would have a go at doing it yourself.  Not just to save on the pennies, but one thing I have learned about table plans is they do tend to change a lot! Right up until days before the wedding (sometimes hours!). So it is much easier if you are able to change it easily yourself. I would advise finding a close friend – the one you always admired in art classes, or who has fantastic handwriting – and delegate!

Etsy, from £45


Etsy, from £75

Top tip: Have more than one table plan in the room – to avoid over crowding.