We wanted to talk you through some of our top tips for planning your wedding…

Step 1: Advanced Planning
What’s your vision? Do you want to get married in a castle or a giant marquee? What sort of budget do you have? Remember to stick to it! Next, how many guest will you want to invite? It’s easy to forget that budget and number of guests go hand in hand!
Step 2: Research
Get yourself an amazing scrapbook! Get moodboarding in real life and on Pinterest as it’s a great way to figure out what you love and what you hate. Showing people in picture form also really helps to convey what you want to family and friends!
Step 3: Schedule
Check out my schedule document! It’ super detailed and geeky but I hope you find it useful! Everything can be all in one place which you can then share with your head bridesmaid.
Step 4: Budget
Now this is different to the budget plan. This is the line by line budget: if you love spreadsheets that’s a good start! Have a contingency plan for unpredictable things and nasty surprises and don’t forget VAT – some photographers and caterers include VAT and others don’t, so watch out!
Step 5: Be Organised
All the detail matters, so write everything down and communicate.
Step 6: What exactly do you want?
What do you both want out of your wedding? It’s your day so make it one that you both LOVE!
Step 7: Delegate
Find the key friends and family who are awesome at certain things. Do you have a florist friend? Put them in charge of flowers! Crafty friends are great here!
Step 8: Communicate
This is super important throughout the whole thing. Communicate with your other half, but also with your suppliers and caterers. Put everything into an email and keep them updated so nothing falls through the gaps and gets left behind!
Step 9: Add something unique
Find something personal to you and put it in! Make your wedding unique to you and your partner to give the WOW factor!
Step 10: Relax and have fun!
Just enjoy your day. and don’t forget to enjoy the planning process! It’s so much fun and it truly is the experience of a lifetime!