When your feet are giving in after a long Wedding day why not slip into something a little more comfortable? No, you can’t put your trackie bottoms on… but you can swap your footwear. Converse are such a funky alternative to wedding evening flats that you will want to lift up your dress and show them off! And to make them even cooler, they are now 100% customisable. You can choose the colour of each panel as well as personalising them with Bride and Groom!

The Converse website is really easy to use and great fun, allowing you to select the colour of every panel of the shoes, down to the final detail of the laces and a personalised name panel (on either the side or back of the shoe).

I have opted for the more luxurious leather option here which makes them a little expensive at £67 but you can stick to the classic canvas, priced from £54. I have also chosen very standard ‘safe’ colours in these examples but why not add a hint of your wedding colour theme into your shoe.

Or if you are feeling a little crazy, why not go for the neon colours!  I am off to buy a pair for myself immediately!