Looking for a hand-made Wedding favour idea? Why not treat your guests to a beautiful pot of home-made jam? Quick and easy to make it will give your guests something to take home and remember your big day when they are eating their toast!

And to make your treats look absolutely fantastic, these jam (and chutney) jar labels are available on Wedding in a Teacup (18 stickers for £18), or if you are feeling creative why not make them yourself too. Jam jars are easy and cheap to buy online (see Amazon 24 jars for £18) and you can match the fabric tops to suit your Wedding theme.

If it is too much work to make jam or chutney, why not give away gorgeous little jars of sweets instead? They’ll look cute and colourful by each plate or piled up, and your guests can have fun swapping a jelly bean for a dolly mixture!