As we are in the midst of planning the fast approaching Wedding of Fleur De Force I thought I would share with you all the most recent addition to the accessories we are stock piling for her Big Day.  There is actually a reason for this addition… in the photographs that I have getting ready for my Wedding Day we all look a little bit scruffy, all wearing mis-matching hoodies and PJs. As it is a great time to get some fantastic photographs of you and your closest friends together in your last moments of being a single lady, why not make the most of it.  So, Fleur and I decided that fluffy dressing gowns would be perfect for those hours spent doing hair, make-up, eating cupcakes and drinking Champagne we have ordered personalised gowns from Towelsoft.

We opted for fairly simple personalisation on each of the gowns, choosing ‘Bride’ for Fleur’s and each of the bridesmaid’s names on theirs… watch out for an appearance in Fleur’s Wedding Photographs that we hope to share with you all.  Towelsoft can pretty much do anything you like…  be it a motif, embroidered initials or even a family crest.

They also have a also a fantastic selection of colours to choose from, so you can even work it into your Wedding colour scheme!

Available from Towelsoft, priced from £40 each.